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West Orange is a busy Orlando suburb. With tremendous growth throughout the area, conscious residents are concerned with new development. There is a 113-home community slated to be built adjacent to Lakes of Windermere that is drawing questions. The concern about the property is that it does not have a dedicated access road.

The way the property is situated makes it difficult to add roads. A community meeting was held on September 28th at Sunset Park Elementary School to address questions from Lakes of Windermere residents. A representative for the developer attended the meeting and said that the original Horizon West masterplan limits their options. Despite the obstacles, he said they have been looking for alternative entrance points.

Regardless of what solution they may find, any added access point would have to go through the Lakes of Windermere. Another problem brought up is the plan to rezone 49.9 acres of orange groves.

Other concerns centered around inadequate public amenities and an increase in the property’s density. The developer has made a request to increase the density from two homes per acre to four homes per acre.

As a contrast to that critique, the representative said the average density in Lakeside Village is five homes per acre. Residents are still encouraged to voice their concerns to Orange County District 1 Commissioner Betsy VanderLey.

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