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Winter Garden

2nd QTR 2022

Welcome to the only place to become an expert of Winter Garden real estate in 15 minutes or less, thanks to the top-selling Winter Garden Realtor. Ron the Realtor is not only the #1 REMAX Realtor in the entire State of Florida (5 consecutive years and counting), No one has sold more homes than RTR in Winter Garden, 34787. 34787 in the entire country over the last 15 years….here are the rankings for the last 15 derived directly from the ORRA MLS.

Let’s dive right into the record-breaking market stats for the 2022 2nd quarter:

2nd Quarter 2022 Winter Garden Highlights


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

2nd Quarter 2022 Winter Garden 34787

​2nd Quarter 2021 Winter Garden 34787

Back to Back neck-snapping pace on all 4 key market indicators from 2021 to 2022. Winter Garden was enfeugo. With increases of 20% or more long all key indicators from 2021, which in 2021 2nd quarter experienced 12-15% increases in all major categories from the 2020 “pandemic”. Link to last years 2nd qtr report… 2021 2nd Quarter Winter Garden Real Estate Market Report by RTR – RTR Sells Homes
What really stands out other than the record-breaking increases is the huge decrease in closed units from 683 in 2021 to only 562 in 2022. This is a massive 18% drop in total closed volume year to year.

1st Quarter 2022 Winter Garden Single-Family housing market


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

2nd Quarter 2022 Winter Garden Single Family Only

2nd Quarter 2021 Winter Garden Single Family Only

The single family market exploded to unheard of levels in Witner Garden in last 3 months… breaking $700,000 average sale price. This is what we use to expect in neighboring 34786, Windermere !
6 closed sales toppling over a once unheard of $2,000,000 price point really helped push this average sale price over that 700k mark… 46 surpassed $1,000,000 which is over 10% of all closed sales in the quarter ! To just put this in perspective, in 2021 2nd quarter there were ZERO homes that closed over 2m and only 27 that surpasses 1m with over 10% more closed properties.
The days on market average was an unheard of 13 days !!! meaning all these record sales happened typically in less than 2 weeks on the market… this is a 38% improvement from last years 2nd qtr of 21 days on market.


Winter Garden is and always has been RTR’s baby. Closing over $100,000,000 more than the next closest Realtor in MLS history cements RTR as the top Realtor in the zip code. period.
This 2022 2nd quarter should be the height of the market as far as 2nd qtrs are concerned. We will obviously still see double digit improvements across the board compared to previous years market data points finishing out the calendar year, but I am not expecting to see much after this next 3rd quarter. I am not nostradmus… I just know how to research our mls and apply common sense. I just checked and there are 6 pending sales in 34787 slated to close in the 3rd quarter, including a record breaking 4.5m sale slated to close 7.15… these closing will obviously spike average sale price for 3rd quarter of 2022.
Rising Interest rates and sensational journalism written by individuals with zero knowledge of this market are definitely applying downward force on all real estate markets around the country. What I am seeing in 34787 , boots on the ground, is that if you price your home realistically it attracts multiple offers still and sellers are still in control of terms. It is the inexperienced Realtors promising uneducated sellers the moon and cutting their commissions to nothing that are experiencing all the price reductions being reported. If you do not spend money on a proven global marketing campaign, now more than ever, you will not achieve top market sales. It is that simple… those sellers thinking they are saving money by going with lower discount brokerages are hampering their final net.
Interest rates on a 30 year fixed with “A” paper is at 5.85% as 7/7/22.. this is definitely impacting the qualified buyer pool. The decrease in buyers is slowing down the increase in prices moving forward.  I do not forsee any type of market crash for 34787…other areas of the country yes absolutely.
What I do see is for first time in many years a drastic slow down in price appreciation. We will for first time in a while not out pace this absurd inflation we are all experiencing. If anyone believes our governments number of 8% inflation, please wake up. The real inflation is way over double digits with many every day goods at 20-40% increase from 12 months ago.
This being said real estate is still the most ideal place to invest to hedge this inflation. Location location location has never been more important in your decision of where to park your cash. Many are flocking still to the area to move dead money being crushed by this inflation from their bank accounts to real estate holdings.
You know what is not going to crash … rental rates in Central Florida. They are increasing at a record pace with some of the hottest areas seeing 30-50% rent increases over last 12 months.
As more buyers are forced to wait, the supply of available rentals continues to dwindle… simple supply and demand, economics 101
Want to know how much your home is currently worth,. don’t trust zillow. Call Ron the Realtor, the Winter Garden undisputed expert, and find out what your home is truly worth. 407 592 SOLD.
God Bless our troops overseas and the families they leave behind. I will never forget your sacrifices and that FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE.

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