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Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

Windermere 2022 3rd quarter

Windermere 2021 3rd quarter

WINDERMERE 2022 Single-Family

The Windermere Market might have hit its height in 2nd qtr of 2022. Windermere market is experiencing a massive inventory issue. Closed units year to year dropped a staggering 333 in2021 to only 196 in 2022 a 41% drop ! Still year to year 34786 experienced double digit increases in all 4 major market metrics.
In  2021 76 homes closed over 1m price point, and 24 over 2m… highest closing clocking in at 5.9m. In 2022 3rd quarter recorded 53 homes over 1m and only 15 over 2m, highest topping off at 5.6m…. yet we experienced significant increases year to year in all categories.
When You compare this 3rd Qtr to the height of the 2nd Qtr 2022 of $1,034,000 average and $306/ ft  3rd  quarter numbers retracted 7% and 5% respectfully.  This is the first retraction we have experienced in many years in 34786 and could be a sign of the market surrendering to the recession, inflation, stock market and massive run up in interest rates.

Lets dive deeper and focus only on the Single-Family home market.


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

Windermere 2022 3rd quarter Single Family

Windermere 2021 3rd quarter Single Family

The single-family market also increased on all 4 metrics from 2021 but at a lower clip of 7% on average sale price and 15% on $/ft from 2021. These numbers are getting so high that even at 7% the average home in 34786 rose over $28,000 in property value !
When you compare 3rd Qtr to the record-breaking 2nd  of 2022, we saw a decrease of 34% in closed units and we dropped 12% from the $1,200,000 average sale price and 8% off the average 306 $/ft. When you do an RTR deep dive , there was a $10,000,000 and a 6m closed sale in 2nd qtr which are skewing the numbers considerably.  With this said we still are witnessing a stalling of pricing. I don’t think when we break down 4th qtr we will see the same type of double-digit decline… truly think that was just due to the data pool of really high record setting sale prices.
RTR Market Breakdown

Windermere has shown once again that its location in the State makes in geographically ideal to thwart major hurricane impact.

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