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1. Choosing an agent who is a realtor on the side.

Many people take up the real estate business as a second career or side job. While these individuals might be competent, chances are they lack the knowledge base and experience to handle your specific situation in the right way.

2. Choosing an agent who is unfamiliar with the neighborhood you are looking at.

Orlando is a diverse and spread out city. Even if an agent talks with great authority about one neighborhood, that may not mean that their expertise expands to all areas. If you are specifically targeting certain areas to live, make sure that you are getting someone who has done business in that community.

3. Choosing an agent who has not dealt with similar properties.

Not only do you want your realtor to have familiarity with where you are looking, but you also want them to have a depth of knowledge about the property you are dealing with. There are a variety of home types built at different times in different neighborhoods. You need your agent on top of all specifics.

4. Choosing an agent that does not know the future of your area.

While it is a tremendous asset for your agent to understand the current state of where you are looking to buy, it is also critical for them to know the outlook going forward. Orlando is rapidly changing and new opportunities are always popping up. Home buying is ultimately an investment and knowing what the prospects are going forward may be a realtor’s most important job.

5. Choosing an agent who is an inexperienced negotiator.

One of the main reasons you want an experienced agent is to get the best deal possible. Whether you are buying or selling, it is imperative to get someone who can maximize your investment.

6. Choosing an agent that does not have relationships with other agents.

One way Realtors get the most for their clients is having a vast network of other agents in the area. Those connections give an agent a larger base to network with to either sell your home or find you a buyer.

7. Choosing an agent that does not want to put in the work.

As in any industry, someone who is not putting top effort into their job is a person you do not want to do business with. If you are reviewing an agent that posts incomplete listings or is hard to communicate with, move on.

8. Choosing an agent that does not know potential problems to watch out for.

The experience becomes a crucial attribute to look for again when it comes to finding a realtor who can sniff out problems with a potential property. Someone who has been in the trenches is likely to have seen most of the common, and some uncommon, issues with buying and selling.

9. Choosing an agent without asking for references.

If everything checks off so far, make it a point to reinforce your research by getting your prospective agent to provide you with a few references. Talking to someone who has done business with them before will make you feel more confident that you have made the right choice.

10. Not choosing an agent at all.

There are people who try to tackle the complicated elements of home buying on their own. This is a misguided strategy. Make sure that you have an expert to consult with when making such an important life decision.

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