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Summer is half over and I really need to get this information out to you.  As you are aware the majority of my business is in 2 areas of Central Florida, Windermere zip code 34786 and Winter Garden zip code 34787.

I call Windermere my home for over the past 10 years and before that I lived in Winter Garden for 6 years. I am a huge fan of the entire location.

Over the past 10 years, no one in America has sold more homes in Winter Garden 34787 than myself. This is an amazing feat considering I work as a solo Realtor without even an assistant or a brick and mortar brokerage in the zip code! My office is in the heart of Dr Phillips…. Even more impressive is that I am not dominating by one or two sales, I am over $30,000,000 above my closest challenger for the crown.

Not doing to bad in Windermere either ranking in the top 25 during same 10-year span and closing over $55,000,000 on top of the Winter Garden achievements.

When it comes time to buy or sell why would you call anyone other than Ron the Realtor is beyond me.

Enough of bragging about myself lets get to the knowledge that will set you apart from even full-time Realtors in the area….  Nowhere on the internet are these numbers broken down like this.

I strive to have the most educated client base in the country, I appreciate you taking the time to read this newsletter, as always… if you have any questions about the market or want to know what your home is worth today, I am a phone call away 407 592 SOLD (7653) and there is no such thing as after Hours.

You can get the national statistics anywhere…. I am very limited on time. I am still selling at over a 2 per week pace and in fact sold 4 in last 7 days ! So we will just be going over Windermere and Winter Garden market reports today….


RTR calls it home and it is one of the most desirable locations in the entire State of Florida.

Feel free to keep up to date by visiting my dedicated Windermere community page, showing the most recent sold, rentals and homes hitting the market 24/7.

Lets compare the  Windermere market to the Orlando Market, these numbers are a little skewed because they include all types of housing and are for a 12 month period, ending in May, but it is all I have to go on right now….

The overall median price (all sales types and all home types combined) for the month of May 2016 is $203,000, a 12.15 percent jump compared to the $181,000 median price in May 2015. The median price is up 5.73 percent compared to the April 2016 median of $192,000.

I wanted to break down the last 6  months this year and compare it to the first half of 2015. I am only dealing with single family homes, no condos or townhomes or vacant land have made it into this data. As the paragraph above states, the Orlando market has had a median sale price increase of 12.5%.

Here is the breakdown….

J A N U A R Y -J U N E 2016 SOLD 34786

Status: Sold (381)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 2 1 1,000 $149,800 $51.38 $151,500 $68.46 -228 .75
Max 8 9 9,623 $5,999,000 $623.94 $4,675,000 $537.83 937 969 897 2,586 1.33
Avg 4 4 3,362 $655,896 $180.28 $621,298 $172.00 105 156 102 127 .96
Median 4 4 3,036 $435,000 $154.71 $426,999 $148.32 62 111 59 66 .97

J A N U A R Y – J U N E 2015 SOLDS 34786

Status: Sold (357)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 2 1 $209,500 $87.50 $206,000 $82.14 .5
Max 9 11 21,515 $16,500,000 $766.91 $8,250,000 $545.45 719 779 718 1,372 1.14
Avg 4 4 3,497 $726,782 $183.30 $664,444 $173.11 99 140 97 118 .96
Median 4 4 3,172 $473,949 $154.03 $450,000 $149.80 67 112 62 84 .97



We have an anomaly here for the first time  in a long time the Windermere market has receded in median sale price and average sale price.

OR DO WE…. well luckily you know me and take 10 minutes to read my ramblings…  a journalist or someone talking all this at face value would right a big article of how Windermere Market is flat and in fact it is receding, this is simply not the case and another important reason to keep reading my newsletters.

For those of you that read my last newsletter you will recall a little typo on the highest sale of year in 2015, the home located at 9912 Lake Louise in Isleworth…. It closed for a purchase price of 8,250,000 but as you can see from the chart above …it is still registering as a 16 M sale…  That error has caused an entire market to average up over 20k in average sale price….


here is the break down without the 16 M closed sale, closed sales for Windermere 34786 January to June 2015

Status: Sold (356)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 2 1 $209,500 $87.50 $206,000 $82.14 .72
Max 6 8 10,193 $4,500,000 $630.83 $3,640,000 $545.45 719 779 718 1,372 1.14
Avg 4 4 3,447 $682,475 $181.66 $643,136 $172.52 98 139 96 117 .96
Median 4 4 3,160 $471,475 $153.81 $450,000 $149.58 66 112 62 84 .97


Yes even with the removal of the error we still have a flat market, but it is a substantial difference when corrected. The real world reason is more distressed/ run down homes have been purchased the first half of this year by investors to remodel and flip. I have not seen more dumpsters than I have seen in last few months in front yards of Windermere Homes.

The great news is almost 100 more homes sold this year than last at same 6 month time frame !

I am willing to bet by years end Windermere will show a year to year increase in average sale price.

WINDERMERE ELEMENTARY was just named the 2nd best elementary school in Orange County too !


Did I mention I have sold more homes than anyone in Winter Garden over last 10 years…lol

Well tale of two cities for sure !

Winter Garden has jumped up over 10% in average sale price in year to year analysis.  It has been atwo-prongedd attack…. Realtors are starting to list closed new home sales in MLS and the resurgence of the Downtown Historical District of Winter Garden on Plant Street and surrounding area have skyrocketed the values over past year.

There is no end in site, biggest allure is if you notice the prices ! Windermere is averaging mid 600s while just next door Winter Garden is averaging mid 300s.

There is plenty of upward movement left and is the main reason that anyone that has been a client of mine for last 18 years owns some investment property in Winter Garden… and why my clients have college paid for already !


J A N U A R Y – J U N E 2016

Status: Sold (636)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 2 1 572 $33,000 $22.42 $40,000 $27.17 -273 -132 .71
Max 8 10 7,573 $2,490,000 $335.17 $2,050,000 $275.95 1,326 989 1,325 1,325 1.57
Avg 4 3 2,710 $350,959 $129.51 $341,511 $126.22 77 122 77 86 .98
Median 4 3 2,569 $319,090 $126.00 $313,726 $123.40 41 93 42 46 .98


J A N U A R Y – J U N E 2015


Status: Sold (540)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 2 1 $23,000 $24.15 $23,000 $24.64 -318 -25 .66
Max 7 7 6,848 $1,449,000 $305.63 $1,600,000 $337.48 621 743 490 508 1.83
Avg 4 3 2,668 $318,144 $118.69 $310,651 $115.97 77 122 71 80 .98
Median 4 3 2,569 $299,948 $118.76 $291,250 $115.36 53 100 50 53 .98



I have been talking until I am blue in the face about the opportunities Winter Garden since 1999.  I will continue to promote this area as one of the greatest places to invest, live and raise a family.

I predict the average sale price to continue to climb as the new home builds continue to close out and bring in even more affluent families. It will not be long until the average sale price in zip code 34787 is over 400k

VISIT RTRs Winter Garden Community page to keep up to date on everything Winter Garden


So far 2016 has been on track for yet another record breaking year for myself

2015 brought in a lot of hardware and awards but the greatest one from my perspective is the back to back VOTED #1 Realtor in SW Orlando, mainly because it was a show of force by all of you taking the time to input my name correctly 2 years in a row ! lol

For 2016 I am still the top selling Realtor at Remax SW, in the top 20 for closed sales in Orange County year to date and ranked in top 25 for the State of Florida.

I have a closed sales volume of over 14 Million currently and have an amazing end of July set up with numerous families buying and selling by months end.

In a nut shell, I am living the American Dream, I truly love what I do and have become the foremost expert in my backyard. When it comes time to buy or sell my phone is always on and if you worked with me in the past you know… there is no such thing as after hours when working with Ron the Realtor.

I used to just say a final prayer or thought for our troops overseas and the families they leave behind but with our leadership causing this continued chaos I also want to say one for the brave officers that patrol our streets everyday.

I hope these full time victims will get a clue, I fear they never will. I blame parenting, everyone gets a trophy regardless of effort and results  and of course the MAIN REASON we are right here right now… Political Correctness… this has been the gate way to all this bullshit. period.

I hope we can turn a corner and realize that the harder you work the luckier you get.  It is truly that simple people. You want a great life, work hard and make the world a better place by helping the people immediately around you, I am living proof of this every day.

Until next time be safe, healthy and happy…. I am always here when needed and thank you for taking the time to read my writings. without you I have no business. Thank you.

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