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Winter Garden

1st QTR 2024

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read the Ron the Realtor 2024 1st  Quarter Real Estate Report. The only place on the planet to get this detailed breakdown every single quarter from the Realtor that has dominated one of the most active zip codes in the entire state for over 2 decades. The data is broken down every quarter to the single-family market as well, which is crucial when trying to identify trends in the local marketplace.

Winter Garden continues to be a highly sought-after place to call HOME.

When it comes time to buy or sell make sure RTR is the first call you make… No one has sold more homes in 34787 than RTR, period.

All of this data is derived from the ORRA MLS and then broken down and analyzed to a level deeper than anywhere on the internet….

Let’s get into it:

1st Quarter 2024 Winter Garden Highlights


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

Winter Garden 1st Quarter 2024

Winter Garden 1st Quarter 2023

First of all, thank you for being an avid reader and follower of mine. I have spent countless hours over last 2 decades publishing these reports every quarter for the City I have devoted over half my life exceeding my client’s real estate goals in, Winter Garden. These reports I produce while the majority of the population is asleep, it is the only time I can get pen to paper without distractions.

Even more important than these Quarterly reports that are released without a sign-up or registration required, I also pour my expertise and knowledge into the heavily read RTR End of year report and what the majority of all RTR ARMY skips to, the always spot on RTRs Crystal Ball predictions. With this aid let’s make this report short and sweet so I can devote the time needed to the year in review. The section read by most of my competition and parroted, which is a true honor. Knowledge is power and why I have given all of this to you with no strings attached over the last 2 decades.

When we break down the 4th Qtr of the 2023 year to year with the stat tables generated directly from the ORRA MLS above and I crunch the numbers. We see a retraction of 2% in the average closed sale price and a 6% decrease year to year in Median Sale Price… which for anyone that wants sensationalism or to do a fancy tik tock video sounds like a great narrative if you are in the majority of people that are easily confused.

Notice the 2 other important metrics that I always track in these reports… Average $/ft which spiked up 6% Quarter to Quarter and Average Days on the Market which was under a 1% increase 37 from 34 days average.

Stick with me, let’s get to the all-important section of the report, The breakdown of Single-Family ONLY metric data… in my opinion this is where the market is and why I dive down to this level in every report.

It is so worth the double effort to myself and more importantly the RTR ARMY…

Single Family Market

Let’s dive into what really matters and the only place on the internet to even get this data, the single-family market

1st Quarter 2024 Winter Garden Single-Family Housing Market


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

Winter Garden 1st Quarter 2024 Single Family

Winter Garden 1st Quarter 2023 Single Family

Like every quarter for over 2 decades, let us dive even deeper and focus on the true market, the single family only market of Winter Garden. Still flat on every category but a slight spike in $/ft and over a week average days on market.
Why you read this report is for the in-depth analysis RTR brings to the table. When you go back and look at what sold in 2023 1st quarter… we had same amount of sold units… but in 2023… we closed a 4.7m , and a 3m …27 homes over 1m closed and funded…  In 2024… 2 2M , no 4 and 3 m closings and oddly 27 over 1m price point just like 2023.
Even with those 2 monster record sales we ended up flat in all major metric categories…this is solid news from where I look.
PLEASE REMEMBER, I say this every Winter Garden market report and it is still worth repeating… NEW CONSTRUCTION is barely represented in these numbers, only the largest of builders list inventory on the MLS, the likes of DR Horton, Lennar and Mattamy Homes and Dream Finders… There are hundreds of new home closings every quarter that are not being inputted into our mls system. NEW HOME sales typically achieve higher prices and $/ft than resales of equal stature.


The time to sell is now.

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