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The first quarter of 2015 is in the books and wow it is shaping up for a record year in real estate in Central Florida. Take ten minutes to go thru all the different topics of my quarterly newsletter. When finished you will have more information and insight than most Realtors that do this full time.

Thank you for entrusting me with your real estate needs, my phone is always on.


Closed sales, annually adjusted  4.88 Million

Median Sales Price $202,600…which is 7.5 percent above February 2014. This marks the 36th consecutive month of year-over-year price gains and the largest since last February (8.8 percent).

Current inventory  1.89 M

4.6 month supply at current pace

average interest rate 3.71%

26% of all closed transactions were ALL CASH

average days on the market 62

“Investor sales are trending downward due to the continued rise in prices and fewer bargains available from distressed properties coming onto the market,” says NAR President Chris Polychron

NAR latest press release on existing housing


Total completed foreclosures since 2008… slightly over 5.5 M

Current foreclosure rate 1.4%, which means 1.4% of the nations households are in some state of the foreclosure process

foreclosure starts in february 79,700

The number of mortgage loans 30 days or more past due or in foreclosure, or the non-current inventory, totaled 3.51 million in February – a year-over-year decline of nearly 600,000.

Twenty-four states experienced year-over-year declines of 30 percent or more in foreclosure inventory, led by Maine (49.5 percent) and Florida (49 percent). Thirty-six states reported a foreclosure inventory below January’s national average of 1.4 percent.

Florida was still the leading state in 12-month sum of foreclosures for the period starting February 1, 2014 and ending January 31, 2015, with 111,000. Florida was followed by Michigan (51,000), Texas (34,000), California (30,000), and Georgia (28,000).

article data is derived from


“While more than 94,000 foreclosure starts were reported for January, that number sank to slightly less than 80,000 for February, a drop of more than 15 percent and the third lowest monthly total for foreclosure starts since August 2006 – before the housing crisis.

Part of the reason for the repeated January spike in foreclosure starts could be reluctance on the part of mortgagees to enforce foreclosure during the holiday season. For example, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced right before Christmas that there would be a two-week moratorium on carrying out single-family foreclosure evictions, from December 17 to January 2.”

Article the info above is derived from



This is the only place on the entire internet to access this level of data on the Town of Windermere  Florida 34786. All of this info has been derived from the Orlando MLS and deemed to be accurate….

*This is also the town Ron the Realtor calls home for his family.

First Quarter of 2015 sales data for zipcode 34786…

Total closed transactions…197:

Status: Sold (197)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 2 2 $127,200 $87.50 $143,325 $82.14 .76
Max 6 8 8,711 $3,990,000 $630.83 $3,450,000 $545.45 610 638 588 1,372 1.14
Avg 4 4 3,172 $625,406 $176.17 $592,472 $167.99 105 144 102 121 .96
Median 4 3 3,004 $399,900 $143.51 $389,661 $140.04 67 115 71 91 .97

When we removed the multi family closed sales the numbers end up at:

Status: Sold (163)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 3 2 $209,500 $87.50 $206,000 $82.14 .76
Max 6 8 8,711 $3,990,000 $630.83 $3,450,000 $545.45 442 500 441 1,372 1.14
Avg 4 4 3,507 $713,343 $185.67 $674,589 $176.44 111 151 109 131 .96
Median 4 4 3,288 $463,990 $152.11 $450,000 $148.47 84 124 90 107 .97


I wanted to provide the summary of 2014 average line for easy comparison here:

Avg 4 3 3,436 $661,914 $178.03 $622,610 $168.99 96 143 89 116 .96


Windermere Florida has seen a just in average sales price of single family homes of over $52,000 in the 1st quarter of 2015 from the sales in 2014… WOW !!!! As well as an almost $8 a foot increase as well. Days on the market have increase by 1 day on average.

Great news for 34786, prices are appreciating at a pace over 6 times the national average in the first quarter of 2015 !


Winter Garden, as any reader of my newsletter knows, is one of my favorite places for affordable housing and investment. Bordering the town of Windermere at a fraction of the price, zip code 34787 has become the fastest growing zipcode in the state, when the final numbers are released for 2015, I would not be surprised if 34787 tops the list nationally.

Offering the best of both worlds, old historic Winter Garden with its revitalization and the new with Winter Garden Village. Winter Garden offers its residents an amazing infrastructure. The new Florida Hospital has its first 2 floors of construction under way as well…

The data for winter garden below is skewed, as a professional I want to disclose this to you. The new home community explosion in 34787 is not truly documented in these numbers, the mls deals primarily with existing homes, not to be built construction…. so these numbers do not reflect the total amount of actual transactions being done in Winter Garden or accurately represent the true average sales prices in the zip code. With that said…

Total sales in 1st qtr of 2015 for Winter Garden Fl 34787: 281:

Status: Sold (281)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 1 1 $42,500 $37.47 $42,000 $35.80 .67
Max 7 7 6,848 $1,399,000 $217.94 $1,310,000 $217.94 621 743 392 508 1.37
Avg 4 3 2,487 $288,082 $113.31 $280,577 $110.39 83 124 72 79 .97
Median 4 3 2,386 $284,900 $111.16 $274,296 $109.64 56 104 51 55 .98


When you remove all multi family homes, this is what we end up with:

Status: Sold (244)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 2 1 $42,500 $37.47 $42,000 $35.80 .67
Max 7 7 6,848 $1,399,000 $217.94 $1,310,000 $217.94 621 743 392 508 1.37
Avg 4 3 2,647 $310,268 $115.89 $302,201 $112.93 83 124 73 81 .98
Median 4 3 2,578 $299,900 $112.81 $290,695 $111.10 59 107 53 58 .98


I wanted to provide the summary of 2014 average line for easy comparison here:

Avg 4 3 2,639 $304,388 $115.38 $297,008 $112.49 68 119 60 76 .98


Winter Garden has been stagnant for the first quarter of 2015… in fact it has retracted 1% on average sales price from 2014. This is easily explained so do not stress… the majority of higher dollar purchases are being concentrated on the new home market, which like mentioned above is not reflected in the MLS system.

I have not seen more options for new home buyers in my entire career as I have in last 12 months, this trend will continue throughout 2015, I am sure.



Ron the Realtor is your resource for all things real estate and new home communities is no exception. With one of the only places on the web to research all the new home communities, their prices, their inventory and their floor plans.. visit my website and search the area by map so you can plan your route before you get in the car…

Ron the Realtor New Home database

There is no where on the internet with this much info at your fingertips.

REMEMBER to always let the new home sales agent know you are working with Ron the Realtor if I am not there with you.  Chances are the sales rep knows who I am, since I have sold new homes in almost every community for sale in the area.

When it comes to negotiating with the builders… I have obtained deals no one else can get for my clients. I know the bottom lines of many of these communities and I know where to push. The commissions paid on new home sales DO NOT impact your price, so why would you not have Ron the Realtor in your corner getting you the best deal, advising you on lot selection, upgrade values and ensuring the builder delivers a perfect final product?

Call to discuss the options available in your price range and talk about the RTR approved communities, where I know you will see high demand on resale years to come and how to avoid the land mines in the area


This is the one area I am always apprehensive to post on an open newsletter that anyone can access 24/7.. remember I do not ask for a login or anything,  I truly believe knowledge is power but with that has a trade off, in this competitive business my fellow colleagues also get to get use of my knowledge with a click of the button.


With that said this is a watered down version of what I tell my personal clients regarding the market. But feel it is important to discuss here for my clients I have not spoken to in some time, this is where we get to stay connected and why I take the time to write this extensive newsletter.

We are coming into the busiest time of the year in the Orlando Market, the monday after Easter Sunday in my experience signals the start of the summer buying season, with the fact that I just put 6 homes under contract in last 3 days I will say my assumption derived from my experience is still spot on…

The market truly kicks into full out throttle the Saturday after public school lets out with it redlining mid July…

Sooooo… if you are even remotely thinking of selling in the next 12 months call me to discuss what your home is worth and what housing options await you when we sell.

The Fed has already announced that the interest rates have to be raised soon… I know have already predicted they would raise but with the people pulling the strings, they are not predictable, in fact from what I have noticed they are down right diabolical. I can not accurately predict economic forecasting with this type of driver behind the wheel. All I know is that rates will go up, when they do, prices will flatten out to compensate for increased monthly payments.

NOW IS THE TIME If you are thinking of selling.

Buying a new home with these 4% interest rates and the amount of inventory to select from has not occurred in my career.

SO what are you saying Ron?

Im saying that we are at close to a ZEN / NIRVANA market as we can get with prices recovering from the collapse, foreclosures stabilizing and sellers able to sell and move into the next level of housing. Buyers have never had more choices.

Call today to discuss your real estate goals and how we can achieve them together. You need a plan or you plan to fail.


This is where I like to list the awards and accomplishments I have received, as well as my current rankings in the market I work.

All of this is only possible because of my current and past client base. I want to thank everyone that has entrusted their real estate needs with me. I appreciate every referral you pass my way, there is no bigger compliment for me than you referring my name to a friend or family member.

Ron is ranked number 22 in the ENTIRE STATE for REMAX in 2014

Ron is ranked  number 26 regarding ALL ORRA REALTORS in  orange county for closed sales so far in 2015:

26 Ronald Ziolkowski (261064917)

Ron has closed 6 Million so far in 2015 averaging 49 days on the market:

Grand Totals: 19.50 $5,978,955 $6,335,405 Avg DOM: 49

**this does not include new home closed sales.

Ron was just awarded the Chairmans Club Award at the Remax Awards Banquet, this is the highest award an agent can receive, this is the 5th time receiving this award.

Ron was just selected to Orlando Magazines Hot 100 in real estate for the 8th year in a row, this award was started 8 years ago.

Ron was awarded the Orlando Realtor Associations Top Producer Award for 2014.

Needless to say we are kicking some serious butt and 2015 is already outpacing last year.


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