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2019 Windermere Year Summary

A year in the making!

Welcome to Ron the Realtors Windermere Real Estate Market Report 2019 Year in review. The only place on the internet to get this much accurate data regarding the Windermere Housing market along with in depth breakdown and predictions from Windermere resident and 3 year running #1 REMAX Realtor in State of Florida, RTR.

Windermere continues to be sought after due to its proximity to the theme parks, Downtown Orlando and the famed Butler Chain of Lakes. Exclusive manned gated communities lined with mature oaks attract high net worth families to call 34786 their home. The Towns dedication to keeping the charm of the area allows for one of the only places in Central Florida not bustling with 4 lane highways and neon signs on every corner.

The sought after schools and close proximity to Sand Lakes restaurant row, International Drive and booming Winter Garden allow the residents endless shopping and dining options.




Increase in $/ft.


Average Sale Price


Increase in Average Sold Price


Days on market



Windermere witnessed some HUGE Sales in 2019 behind the manned gates of Isleworth closed at $7,800,000. 11 Estates sold over $3,000,000... one in Chaine Du Lac obtained $765 a foot even! 19 more Estates sold over $2,000,0000 and 131 homes sold in 34786 over $1,000,000 ! The biggest takeaways from 2019 were for the first time in the last 10 years Windermere experienced a decline in closed units from year to year. 47 fewer units closed in 2019 than 2018, a 4% drop.

Average Days on Market ( DOM) improved a FULL WEEK and both the average $/ ft sold price and median sold prices rose above National averages. The average sale price remained unchanged. If you have been reading this publication for many years you may recall this happened before from 2014 to 2015, 2016 Windermere then experienced a slight bump of 2$ in the average sale price, BUT then for 2017 and 2018 Windermere witnessed rapid price appreciation, rising over 10% during the 2 year period.

Let's dive really really deep into the Windermere market

An increase of 30% over 10 years !

An increase of 32% over 10 years !

RTR Breakdown

2019 units sold in Windermere

2019 units sold in Windermere

Single Family Breakdown

2018 Single Family sold in Windermere

2018 units sold in Windermere




Increase in $/ft.


Average Sale Price


Increase in Average Sold Price


Days on market


Increase Days on market

RTRs 2020 Market Prediction

I believe the average sale price will improve to over $630,000, this will translate into a 3% jump, which is half of what we experienced in 2018. The median sale price will rise at a higher percentage because the higher-end market of over 2m will see an increase in its volume, coupled with the lower end townhomes not going down (in fact the lower end is far outpacing the % increase in all major categories every year….this is common in very desirable areas, Windermere is no different) The median sale price should improve 5-6% in 2019.

The $/ft will remain flat, possibly a 1-2% bump ..but that will be pulled by the record butler chain of lakes sales in 2019 if it does bump to 2%. DOM will for the first time in a long time in Windermere remain flat or even increase days as the year carries forward. There are many homes still on the market from 2018 that will carry their DOM into 2019, there are 9 over 600 days and counting and 3 are over 1000 DOM.

2020 is a year like none other in my 23 year storied career. The Nation is heading into the biggest election to determine our children's future, Democrats are making up an impeachment circus as they go along, several of our nations enemies are testing us at every turn, the interest rates have never been lower in our history and when will the stock market stop rolling?

With all this uncertainty there are things that are always certain. Windermere is in my opinion the nicest place to live in Central Florida. With so many gated communities, the chain of lakes and so many private ski lakes there is so much the area offers that the other surrounding areas can not. The massive oak trees , large lots, ideal location and sought after schools all focusing on a small town charm while minutes from anything and everything one could want or need.

  • Average Sale Price: increase 3%  will finish above $630,000

  • $/ft: increase 5%   over $192.00 a ft

  • Median Sale Price: increase 7%   over $440,000

  • DOM: improve by another 7 days  4% improvement

I am a HUGE data person, I look at this data, I provide this data to you and I use it for the RTR armys benefit. We had a stall out few years back just like this then a 2% spike and then the run that put the Windermere Market where it is today at these record high values. I see history easily repeating itself.
Winter Garden has and is booming. It use to be the affordable close option to those really wanting Windermere. Well now urban sprawl has pushed new development even further out to the ends of 34787 , almost a football throw to Lake County. We will and we are seeing a resurgence of renovations and remodeling that Windermere has never seen before. Drive down any of these established neighborhoods, you will be hard pressed to find a street without a dumpster in a driveway.
This trend will continue as the prices of Winter Garden homes surpass the 550-600k market which many are. The builders can not keep up and lets face it some people really like big trees and big lots instead of zero lot lines and a sapling in the front yard.
There you have it. Want to know how much your home is worth and how Ron the Realtor consistently sells his homes for top dollar in record time… 407 592 SOLD , no such thing as after hours.
God Bless our troops and the families they leave behind, I will never forget your sacrifice. FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE.
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