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2019 Winter Garden Year Summary

A year in the making!

Welcome to the only place to get an accurate break down of the Winter Garden market and in-depth analysis from Winter Gardens TOP SELLING REALTOR. You will not find this much data regarding Winter Garden anywhere else. As you probably are aware, Ron the Realtor sells more homes in zip code 34787 than anyone in America… 2019 was no different, RTR sold and closed more homes than anyone! Even beating all the major national home builders! Winter Garden remains RED HOT,  with no stop in sight. Never been a better time in Winter Gardens long history.

LETS GET TO IT… WHY YOU COME AND READ THIS, BECAUSE RTR KNOWS HIS STUFF, every year his predictions are SPOT on and every year you can go back and fact check for yourself…this was the prediction for 2019 in the 2018 year in review…






Average Sale Price




Days on market




… So here it is.

2019 average sale price will pull back from the robust boom of 2018 of 8-9% that was experienced. Winter Garden will outperform the national and even the local markets yet again, the demand is strong. We will see a 4.5% increase in the average sale price and a 5-5.5% increase in median price. Yes, the median will outperform the average, mark my words. Affordable housing in the area is becoming harder and harder to acquire… anyone that understands medians and why they are used for a basis point will understand my bold yet accurate prediction. With this said we should see an average sale price land close to $400,000 in 2019 and $430,000 for single-family statistics.

PRETTY DARN CLOSE… !!!! Could not predict the lowest sustained interest rates in the history of the world, but… even so very very close.

Here is how Winter Garden Broke Down in 2019

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Single-Family Homes Breakdown

As Ron the Realtor predicted… Winter Garden ended with 2019 with a single-family average sale price of $426,704 and outperformed the local and national real estate markets yet again.

In 2019 Winter Garden experienced one amazing record sale of a Toll Brothers model leaseback in Lakeshore Preserve. This model sold for $2,089,000 and crushed the 34787 average $/ft at $443! What a sale, that is like Windermere sale prices, wow!






Average Sale Price




Days on market



2019 was no different as the last 15 years on the ORRA MLS, RTR dominated 34787 in closed sales, the top 3 and number 5 area all national home builder mls id slots, not real Realtors. No one sells more homes in 34787 than Ron the Realtor, when it comes time to buy or sell make sure your first call is 407 592 SOLD.

**Ever want to know how much your home is really worth just email or call. Always happy to talk to you. Thank you for taking the time to read my publication and welcome to the RTR ARMY. Always here when you need me, no such thing as after hours

God Bless our Troops overseas and the families they leave behind I will never forget your sacrifice, FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE.

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2020 Winter Garden Market Predictions

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