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The only reason you clicked on this publication was, lets be honest, to find out what RTRs crystal ball says. With incredible accuracy every year this section is spot on and is used to forecast the next years market,   what the RTR ARMY relies on to succeed.
If I were to get a dollar for every person that asked me when the market is going to crash again, well I wouldn’t have to sell homes anymore, I would be loaded.

The majority of my sales and what is fueling this 8% a year rise is actual primary purchases, not speculation or investment purchases. These are solid conventional or cash buys of people buying their actual home. Winter Garden has become the place to call home for families. The demand has never been higher and buyers are coming from around the globe weekly.

The other key factor is the lack of available inventory FROM 2018 to 2019 there was a 14% drop in closed single family homes, not from lack of demand, FROM LACK OF SUPPLY. The builders can not keep up either, there is a lack of spec/inventory homes at the new home communities. With such demand to live in the area, few are leaving. The ones that are here have no where to go because the new homes are more than what they paid even 2 years ago.  This issue will continue throughout 2020, fueled by a skyrocketing stock market and the lowest interest rates in the history of our country.

The Winter Garden real estate market will continue to outpace the local and national real estate markets throughout  2020. As the prices continue to climb the % in change  becomes a harder struggle, simple math concept.


Winter Garden will finish 2020 with new record levels on all 4 major real estate categories

With average sale prices likely breaking $425,000 for the entire market and easily topping $450,000 for the single family arena, could even break $460,000(so a 5.5-6% increase).

The average $/ft will also continue to climb with the value of land being driven up with the high demand, expecting to see average $/ft to reach over $170 a foot by end of 2020(so a 7% increase).

Days on market will flatten out, it may improve by a few days but 44 days average is flying off the shelf as far as a real estate market is concerned.

Available inventory will continue to be a hot topic throughout 2020 and even into 2021. There has never been a better time to call Winter Garden your home than in 2020.

  • Average Sale Price increase 5.5%
  • $/ft increase 7%
  • DOM   NIL / flat
  • Median   increase 6%

Ever want to know how much your home is really worth just email or call. Always happy to talk to you. Thank you for taking the time to read my publication and welcome to the RTR ARMY. Always here when you need me, no such thing as after hours

God Bless our troops overseas and the families they leave behind. I will never forget that FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE. My family thanks you for your sacrifice.

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