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3rd QTR 2023

Welcome to the only place on the web that breaks down Windermere Florida 34786 real estate market to this level each and every quarter for well over the past 2 decades. All the data here is derived from the ORRA MLS and deemed reliable. It has been analyzed by longtime Windermere resident Ron the Realtor. Ron is the #1 Remax Realtor in the entire State of Florida for SIX CONSECUTIVE YEARS and is currently number 5 in closed volume HISTORY for Orange County in the entire ORRA MLS.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read the Ron the Realtor Windermere 2 nd quarter Market Year in Review. RTR provides a quarterly report and a full-blown end of the year in review report to anyone that wants to read it. No subscription, no registration of our email… anyone can read it, even competing Realtors…who does that?

Ron has always believed, knowledge is power.

3rd Quarter 2023 Winter Garden Highlights


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

3rd Quarter 2023 Windermere

3rd Quarter 2022 Windermere

WOW, just WOW…. DOUBLE DIGIT SPIKES year to year in all metric data points at a time where the headlines are spouting doom and gloom !
Amazing news but lets do what we do here in the RTR ARMY and break all this down to but a reality on all of this that you can use to make informed decisions.
The bottom line is 3rd quarter experienced some amazing top dollar sales in 2023 that were not experienced in 2022.  The average sale price has spiked to $1,205,000 ! I will get into all of this in the single family breakdown.  But lets not pop any bottles of Champagne yet.  The average days on market went up 47% to 36 days on the market which is still incredible market average, crushing the national average. The 19 days of 2022 was never going to become the “norm”
Single Family Market
Lets get over to the single family breakdown since multifamily is such a small portion of the 34786 landscape.

3rd Quarter 2023 Windermere Single-Family Housing Market


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

3rd Qtr 2023 Windermere Single Family

3rd Qtr 2022 Windermere Single Family

Average sale price booms to $1,385,683, this represents a 23% year to year spike. While I want to provide accurate and true quarter stats, 4 sales this quarter were truly incredible… one for 12m, 7.6m, 6m , and 5m are incredible.  If we remove these 4 sales from the table this is the result:
If we were to take out these top 4 sales the result is pretty much flat on price with a nice 5% increase in average $/ft
This is why you read these. Headlines are worthless without understanding the true data behind the percentages, you can not make informed decisions.


Windermere has and always will be a top area in Central Florida. Property values have always held stronger than surrounding areas. The chain of lakes, Guard gated exclusive communities, private golf courses and streets lined with majestic oak trees 20 minutes from the parks and downtown Orlando.
An amazing $12,000,0000 that was actually a 0 days off market sale entered into the mls really gave 34786 a shot in the arm for the 3rd Qtr and 2023 as a whole.  Does this sale set the market, of course not.
A you can see from my deep dive above when removing the top 4 sales the market flattened out year to year. I am very pleased that the $/ft continues to go up… remember ever % point increase at these high numbers is an accomplishment in itself.. 5% is $16/ft… the average sold sq ft was 3300… so that is a $52,000 year to year increase.
Windermere market is not as sensitive to interest rates as other surrounding areas. The average sale price is well over 1 million and majority of the sales are all cash or significant cash down.
The wavering stock market I feel has a larger impact on the Windermere area than the interest rates. Stocks are definitely getting crushed over last 3 months and I expect will soften the 4th quarter finish for 34786.
In the end, Windermere is highly sought after and very low inventory coupled with very long new home build times of 2 plus years is still driving buyers to establish communities and the resale market.
Curious what your home is worth, call 407 592 SOLD for a custom market analysis and one on one meeting with Ron the Realtor.

Luxury Market


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Thank you for taking the time to read these reports, a lot of time and effort go into providing this information in this platform every 3 months. Best thanks I can ever receive is the referral of your circle when they need to buy or sell… and we all know they will thank you for the invite into the RTR ARMY.

Finish 2023 healthy and strong, phone is always on !

God Bless our troops overseas and the families they have left behind. I will never forget FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE. Thank you for your sacrifice for my family.

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