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Ron the Realtor calls Windermere,Fl 34786 his home and is consistently ranked in top 20 every year for closed sales on the Orlando Regional MLS.

This is the only place on the internet to get this detailed and more importantly accurate real estate data in one place….

Below is a break down of the first 3 quarters of 2015 verse 2016 for Windermere,Fl 34786 for ALL SINGLE FAMILY HOMES, no vacant land, commercial, multifamily condominiums or townhomes.

January 1 to September 30, 2015

Status: Sold (576)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 2 1 $209,500 $87.50 $206,000 $82.14 -235 -106 .5
Max 9 11 21,515 $16,500,000 $766.91 $8,250,000 $545.45 761 809 806 1,372 1.32
Avg 4 4 3,377 $668,632 $177.56 $621,089 $168.85 101 144 99 119 .96
Median 4 4 3,074 $449,000 $152.07 $430,000 $147.23 71 115 71 82 .97

January 1 to September 30, 2016

Status: Sold (570)
Beds Baths SqFt Heated List Price LP/SqFt Close Price SP/SqFt DTC DTCL ADOM CDOM SP/LP Ratio
Min 2 1 1,000 $149,800 $51.38 $151,500 $68.46 -228 .73
Max 8 9 9,623 $5,999,000 $678.37 $4,675,000 $678.37 937 969 897 2,586 1.33
Avg 4 4 3,344 $654,927 $180.79 $620,428 $172.60 103 153 101 123 .96
Median 4 4 3,065 $439,450 $156.48 $434,250 $150.24 63 113 61 69 .97


The data side by side shows an interesting trend developing in Windermere, FL 34786… one I had to double check.

It was actually brought to my attention 2 months ago when I had an amazing home for sale in Summerport at 5049 River Gem, An adorable 1800 sq ft one story with 2 car garage front porch and decorated in relaxed contemporary design.  I obtained a full price offer less than a week on market, not uncommon for my listings…lol… but something crazy happened, the appraisal came in under the contract price. Now while I am accustomed to selling homes above appraisal value, this one floored me.  When I disputed the appraisal I could not find a recent sale. the ones that did close were 4-6 months earlier, way before summer.  I obviously pointed this out. The appraiser said show me an increase in valuation over time and I will apply it for you on this appraisal.

I ran the numbers and it was shocking, the Windermere market over last 12 months has been flat. True to form I was able to get the appraisal up 3k more for my seller but it still fell 3 k short of the contract price, a price that was very fair.

I share this boots on the ground story with you because it was so surprising to me as well.

On a positive note for the Windermere real estate market, the $/ft jumped $4 /ft year to year. Which equates to an extra $12,000 in price for 3,000 sq ft home.  The median sale price  is up 1% year to year as well.

RTR common sense application to the reason…

As always, Ron has a theory/ reason for this…Windermere is a very established area, with some of the most expensive and sought after “dirt” in Central Florida.

Unlike the neighboring City of Winter Garden, Windermere is land locked with very limited new home development opportunities… The majority of the sales are not brand new builder upgraded homes, they are actually older fixer upper homes selling at below market pricing… causing the market to remain flat at this time.

If you are to compare the Winter Garden 3rd qtr update with this one, you will see almost 50% less closed sales during same time period and almost 50% HIGHER average and median sales prices in Windermere.

As time goes on, Windermere Housing market data will be just fine. The residents in Windermere do not sell their homes as frequently. Most work their lives to end up in a town such as Windermere.

Bottom line, data is not everything but it has weight, you need to read in between the data and apply the real world to it. That is where Ron comes in and gives you the boots on the ground, common sense analysis.

This is why so much time is spent generating this original material, Ron’s clients are some of the most educated in the field of real estate.

When it comes time to buy or sell call Ron the Realtor, no such thing as after hours.

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