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Winter Garden

1st QTR 2023

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read the Ron the Realtor 2023 1st  Quarter Real Estate Report. The only place on the planet to get this detailed breakdown every single quarter from the Realtor that has dominated one of the most active zip codes in the entire state for over 2 decades. The data is broken down every quarter to the single-family market as well, which is crucial when trying to identify trends in the local marketplace.

Winter Garden continues to be a highly sought-after place to call HOME.

When it comes time to buy or sell make sure RTR is the first call you make

Let’s get into it:

1st Quarter 2023 Winter Garden Highlights


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

1st Quarter 2023 Winter Garden 34787

1st Quarter 2022 Winter Garden 34787

It has been 1 year since the FED started their interest rate hike policies to offset their constant printing of our fiat currency. The result has been very evident in every aspect of our lives. Of Course this has also impacted the real estate market. Last year at this time Winter Garden experienced its highest year-to-year increase in all major categories with 20% spike in average sale prices, 24% increase in average $/ft and a jaw dropping 51% drop in Days on Market.
12 months later, the spicket has been turned to a trickle. The great news is we are still achieving increases in Ave sale price and $ / ft.
What is really noticeable is the huge spike in days in market swinging back from the record pace 2022 of 19 days to a more historic average of 46 days.  Its a 58% spike from that record number last year.
Other very noticeable data trend is the 20% drop in units sold… From 489 in 2022 to 389 in 2023.
One more notable data point, The 2022 end of year average sale price was 618k , this 1st qtr was 624k. A 1% increase only.
Single Family Market
Every Quarter we dive even deeper and focus just on single family home data, you will not find this info anywhere else on the internet in this easy to follow platform.

1st Quarter 2023 Winter Garden Single-Family Housing Market


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

1st Quarter 2023 Winter Garden Single Family

1st Quarter 2022 Winter Garden Single Family Only

When you sort out just the single family market the increases soften even further on all metrics. With only 5% increase in average sale price and 3% increase in ave $/ft.
The big news is that there was a RECORD SALE of $4,750,000 in 1st qtr of 2023… in Isle of Lake Hancock and another over 3m sale on Plant St in golf cart district.
I fear that these 2 sales have propped up our metrics this quarter from being even more flat.


The Winter Garden market continues to be a highly sought-after place to call home. We are still experiencing heavy demand in spite of the higher rates. What is happening is a major decrease in available homes for sale. Many homeowners are refusing to let go of their under 3% fixed rates. Even in situations where an existing homeowner has to buy a new home, more than ever before, they are deciding to hold onto their existing home and turn it into a rental property. This is even further fueling the inventory shortage.

Nice homes are still selling in days and for record numbers. It is important to understand that there are well over 20,000 Realtors in Orlando ORRA MLS. Many are listing homes way over the current market to not lose the chance of having that listing. This has caused many homes to sit, and collect days on market. These same overpriced listings then have price reductions, fueling even more headlines.

The 2 record sales this quarter definitely helped all the data metrics, but we are now entering the busy summer buying season of the 2nd Qtr.

Now more than ever, inventory will be the biggest force in our Winter Garden Market.

If you are thinking of selling this might be the last chance to obtain peak value. We are seeing a stall on all major data metrics which tells me we are at a zenith point it appears.

The time to sell is now.

The area is still experiencing a growth explosion and builders cannot keep up with demand. Build times on tract homes is at a year plus and custom builds in most cases are running 2 plus years now. The resale market is benefiting immensely in this current environment. Like with all things, this will too change. Supply chains will improve, builders will overbuild, and inventory will increase. Simple supply and demand economics at work.

Inventory being so low now, call me to discuss what your home’s current market value is and we can discuss a customized game plan to exceed your goals.

I have not seen a better time to sell for top dollar than this 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2023. It is truly a perfect storm for the Winter Garden resale market…. no idea how long this train will continue to run before it runs out of steam…. but again, the metrics are saying the huge increases have come to an end.

Have an amazing day, always here when you have questions. 407 592 SOLD

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