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Winter Garden

2nd QTR 2023

Welcome to the only place to become an expert in Winter Garden real estate in 15 minutes or less, thanks to the top-selling Winter Garden Realtor. Ron the Realtor is not only the #1 REMAX Realtor in the entire State of Florida (6 consecutive years and counting), No one has sold more homes than RTR in Winter Garden, 34787. Let’s dive right into the Winter Garden market stats for the 2023 2nd quarter along with the sought-after Ron the Realtor analysis and breakdown.

All Numbers and data are directly derived from the ORRA MLS

Let’s get into it:

2nd Quarter 2023 Winter Garden Highlights


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

2023 2nd Quarter Winter Garden 34787

2022 2nd Quarter Winter Garden 34787

Winter Garden real estate finally has slowed its neck-breaking, historic appreciation run. The quarterly reports of 18% and 19% year-to-year jumps have apparently come to an end. With this said, Winter Garden recorded its highest townhome sale and single-family home sold in its history.

A new luxury townhome on Plant St closed at an incredible $1,700,000 and a Custom 10,000 sq ft compound closed and funded at an astounding $4,200,000 in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

Single Family Market
Every Quarter we dive even deeper and focus just on single family home data, you will not find this info anywhere else on the internet in this easy to follow platform.

2nd Quarter 2023 Winter Garden Single-Family Housing Market


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

2023 2nd Qtr Winter Garden Single Family

2022 2nd Qtr Winter Garden Single Family

When you sort out just the single family market the increases soften even further on all metrics. With only 5% increase in average sale price and 3% increase in ave $/ft.
The big news is that there was a RECORD SALE of $4,750,000 in 1st qtr of 2023… in Isle of Lake Hancock and another over 3m sale on Plant St in golf cart district.
I fear that these 2 sales have propped up our metrics this quarter from being even more flat.


The factors that have been affecting the national and local real estate market since the middle of 2022 are still looming as we hit the mid-way point of 2023.

Higher interest rates than Americans have experienced in well over a decade are causing many to pump the brakes and stay in their existing homes, many with under 3% 30-year fixed mortgage rates. As discussed in depth last quarter, this along with extended build times on new construction has caused lower available inventory. At the same time, the high interest rates have caused fewer buyers to enter the market.

Winter Garden has experienced the first flat year-to-year quarter in many years. The Winter Garden real estate market has been so red hot it had to slow at some point, seems now is that point.

What I have experienced personally, as one of the top Realtors in the area, is a slower-than-usual 2nd quarter rolling into the traditionally busy summer buying season.

I have also noticed an unusually large portion of the new listings hitting the market with Realtors that I have never heard of before at prices that are just way too high. These properties then experience price reduction after price reduction as days on the market have clocked off, only fueling the headlines and doomsayers with the negative impacts to the data.

Now more than ever, who represents you matters. Pricing and proven global marketing have become crucial difference-makers in this current market environment.

Our local Winter Garden market needs to see a large spike in pending sales in July, if not the typical busy summer season will be flat. This will lead to many homes fighting for limited buyers at the tail end of the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2023. Prices will remain flat/ stagnant until interest rates get into the mid-5% range. Especially in the “cookie cutter” tract home arena.

Pool homes and homes set on premium lots are always in high demand and are still attracting multiple offers in record times. This is why I have stressed the power and security of premium lots since my 1st year in the business.

Rents continue to climb at a record pace month after month. I’m scratching my head about some of these recent rental rates being realized.

If you are thinking of selling, give Ron a call to discuss your home’s current market value.

Thinking about buying, the rates are obviously higher but as a buyer, you have more choices now than you have in years. Today’s Buyers are not having to waive appraisals, financing, and inspection contingencies along with escalation clauses to just win the multiple offer madness we had just a short year ago.


RTR ARMY has a unique LOAN program for those owners that qualify to tap their current equity to buy the next home without having to sell their current one. This program allows you to not be pressured into a buying decision in a specified time window. This rather allows you to wait for the perfect home to hit and we take it down without a home-to-sell contingency, making you very competitive and attractive to any seller. Call to discuss if this amazing and unique loan product is a fit for your family.

The time to sell is now.

Winter Garden real estate is truly remarkable. Infrastructure is continuously improving with countless restaurants, shops, and amazing businesses opening for business every month. Huge improvements to the local highways are going to help ease the local traffic and several new schools the county has fast-tracked years ahead of schedule are near completion.

The property values have seen a 3-year run I have never witnessed in my 26 years of selling in the area. A small retraction in price will have zero impact in the local market and honestly is much needed, prices are approaching unaffordable levels for the working American family.

As always, if you have any questions regarding buying or selling, you have direct access to the best of the best for all your answers. Always direct, honest and accurate, based on decades of experience in Witner Garden.

Hope you have an amazing rest of your summer and as always… God Bless our troops serving overseas and the families they have left behind. I will never forget … FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE.

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