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Winter Garden

3rd QTR 2023

Welcome to the most comprehensive Winter Garden Real Estate Market report on the internet, produced by the number 1 Realtor in Winter Garden Closed Sales History, and of course #1 Remax Realtor in State last 6 years..
Take 10 minutes & become the expert of any circle of conversation regarding Winter Garden Real Estate.

You will not find this type of analysis of the Winter Garden real estate market anywhere else on the planet !

Let’s get into it:

3rd Quarter 2023 Winter Garden Highlights


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

2023 3rd Quarter Winter Garden 34787

2022 3rd Quarter Winter Garden 34787

I have been publishing these Winter Garden quarterly reports for over 2 decades. Before the 429 expressway was built, the Winter Garden Village was even a dream, and you could build a brand-new home in Stoneybrook West for a little over 100k! I firmly believe that knowledge is power.

Let’s dive right into it… what a great surprise in this 3rd Qtr data, considering the 2nd Quarter 2023 data had a 1% retraction and an average sale price of $626,000. Winter Gardens real estate market bounced right off that matt ready to go without even taking the standing 8 count.

Well, let’s not pat ourselves on the back too quickly. Many are avid readers of this report to get into the reality the data represents and help add some clarity through market trends.

Prices spike because we had one heck of a quarter with an almost 10% spike in MEDIAN sale price. The main reason for this was a handful of great closings. We embraced a record 4.3m sale, 3 2m sales, and 48, yes 48 closed sales of 1m price tag! These much higher priced closings than in the 2022 3rd quarter skew this metric data and have to be mentioned.

With this said, this is still incredible news. The average $/ft continued to rise to $268/ ft . Any upward tick here is always great for the real estate market… remember as prices go up every % point is even harder to acquire the next % point.

Days on market have increased 40% but it was next to impossible to expect the 19 day average on 2022 to be sustainable… 32 day average is still incredible, lets be honest here.

Lets dive into what really matters and the only place on the internet to even get this data

Single Family Market
Lets dive into what really matters and the only place on the internet to even get this data , the single-family market

3rd Quarter 2023 Winter Garden Single-Family Housing Market


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

2023 3rd Qtr Winter Garden Single Family

2022 3rd Qtr Winter Garden Single Family

Single family sales continue to boom on the MLS data even with all the new home communities sprouting up all over Horizons West.  It is important to remember that the MLS is just one sector of our overall market. New Home sales are truly enfuego with more new home choices in 34787 than I can ever recall at one time. All selling every lot they release and each release raising their base prices. A massive portion of these sales close and are not entered into our MLS system.
It was a great sign to see that over 4m closing in Isle of Lake Hancock this quarter, that is the THIRD closing in 2023 over 4m in our 34787 !!! We have a 3m , 6 2m and 115 that closed over $1 million !!!
Flying past 700k closed average sale price is quite an achievement and benchmark as well in the 3rd Qtr , an 8% spike from 3rd quarter 2002.


Interest rates continue to be the topic of the day. An interesting phenomenon is that in most economic models when rates skyrocket , prices drop. Not the case due to very low inventory and this should be looked at closely.

Interest rates are not going to retract in 2023 , this is pretty much certain. I personally believe they will start to come down as the election approaches in 2024. Looking forward to what the new increase in Conventional loan limits will be as well, this always has an impact on appreciation values.

We are witnessing more stringent appraisal reports, almost like the banks sent out a memo… lol

Pricing your home is more crucial than ever before. Overpriced homes sit and just click days on market. I have proven for decades that you can never underprice a home but overpricing is a death sentence, even in a red-hot sellers’ market , let alone one where the scales have balanced out, like now.

We are experiencing loan contingencies, appraisal contingencies and even home-to-close contingencies that even a year ago were laughable to even put into a written offer to a seller.

If thinking of selling call for a personal one on one with Ron the Realtor to discuss your home’s true market value. Every home is a fingerprint, and you should know what it is really worth, not what zillow says…lol

Just call 407 592 SOLD and lets talk.


RTR ARMY has a unique LOAN program for those owners that qualify to tap their current equity to buy the next home without having to sell their current one. This program allows you to not be pressured into a buying decision in a specified time window. This rather allows you to wait for the perfect home to hit and we take it down without a home-to-sell contingency, making you very competitive and attractive to any seller. Call to discuss if this amazing and unique loan product is a fit for your family. Call to find out more

Thank you for taking the time to read these reports, a lot of time and effort go into providing this information in this platform every 3 months. Best thanks I can ever receive is the referral of your circle when they need to buy or sell… and we all know they will thank you for the invite into the RTR ARMY.

Finish 2023 heathly and strong, phone is always on !

God Bless our troops overseas and the families they have left behind. I will never forget FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE. Thank you for your sacrifice for my family.

The time to sell is now.

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