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1st Quarter 2018 Summary

Winter Garden Market Report

Welcome to the only place on the internet to analyze the Winter Garden, 34787, to this level of detail and accuracy. Brought to you by Winter Garden’s Top producing Realtor,  Ron the Realtor sells more homes in Winter Garden than anyone in America and has been doing so for over 15 of his last 21 years of his career. Ron is also the #1 Remax Realtor in the ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA.


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

Ron has started off the 1st Quarter of 2018 exactly where he left of with 2017, totally dominating the Winter Garden Market, with the closest competitor Christina Pastore, which RTR DOUBLED in sales volume, is not even a TRUE REALTOR , she is an MLS number for the nationwide builder Beazer Homes, Christina has never once been on a listing apt, put a buyer in her car, met an appraiser, etc…  in fact in this ranking below you have to go all the way to ranking number 8 to actually find a true Realtor on this list. Erica has closed 3.3 m, 1/3 of RTR sales volume.

Enough of how great RTR is…

Here is the breakdown of the 1st Quarter of Winter Garden Housing market….

This chart shows EVERY unit sold in 1st quarter.

2018 1st Qtr WINTER GARDEN 34787 SOLDS

Ron always breaks it down even further , here is every single family residence only… removing all condos and townhomes from the data chart…

2018 1st Qtr Single family only Winter Garden SOLDS


For easy reference here is the break down of 2017 total and single family charts….

2017 Winter Garden Solds


2017 single family homes only Winter Garden Solds


The numbers on the 1st quarter at face value show the market as flat, in fact if you were to actually compare the 1st quarter numbers with my 4th qtr numbers from Rons 4th quarter report in his blog you will see these charts below

4th Qtr Winter Garden solds

4th Qtr Winter Garden Single Family solds

With just some quick math you would see an almost 8% decline in average closed sale price, but a flat $/ft sold price.
What’s does this mean, did Winter Garden just recede almost 8% in value, but Ron you said the market was red hot and on fire?
This is why you come and read the ramblings of RTR, because he is not fooled by numbers on a data chart… Ron is on the streets every day, Ron  knows every sold home and more inprotantly Ron is sharper than the average bear and knows how to apply common sense to any situation.
You really have to understand how the real estate market works to grasp the actual inner workings of these numbers and the ebb and flow of the local real estate market from quarter to quarter. The majority of the national home builders, minus a very few exceptions, run their fiscal year ending on Dec 31. So they all push to close as many homes as they possibly can at end of the year to “juice” up their bonuses and their shareholder figures.
The 4th quarter of 2017 saw 461 closed units and 393 of them being  single family. Also you see that MAX sale of $2,850,000 (you think that helped the average spike in 4th quarter?)
In 1st Quarter of 2018 winter garden had 408 closed units, 317 being single family… What a significant drop from the 4th, also highest closed sale was 1.5 m, far cry from 2.85,
If you really look like Ron does , you will also see a home in 1st qtr took 1,000 days on market to close… while in 4th qtr the max was 674.

FED will continue to raise rates throughout the 2018 year and rates at or above 5% are expected by summer, even further fueling immediate demand on resales.

The average closed $/ft jumped an astonishing 3.7% increase from 2017 to 1st qtr 2018.


You think you are the only one to skip to this section and read only this…lol
Like stated above, 4th quarter is always a push to close the brand new homes before Dec 31st. New homes sell for more than resale homes typically. Also many sellers that sat on market thru the holiday season and failed to sell soften their price/stance and accept lower offers to move on, even further hampering 1st quarter numbers every year.
ALSO you have to know , (again common sense being applied here) that the MAJORITY of really nice larger homes are not going to be listed in the 1st quarter of the year, they are listed at the end of the 2nd Quarter in the spring selling season.
The Winter Garden market is truly on fire, Ron is posting record sale after record sale in less than 1 week on the market.  The $/ft actually Jumped 3.7%  from 2017 to 1st qtr 2018…
In fact, if you are even considering a possible sale in the coming months, it may be to your advantage to call Ron now… the pen up demand and record low inventory is driving a feverish pitch. Ron is amazed at what some homes are attracting in offers.  As spring rolls in, the inventory will increase, furthering competition on the market.
All indications from any expert are that the FED will continue to raise rates throughout the 2018 year and rates at or above 5% are expected by summer, even further fueling immediate demand on resales.
New home builders have minimal completed inventory on hand and with every sale, they are raising their prices on the remaining lots in their communities

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you have any specific questions or want to buy/sell … my phone and email are always the best way to reach me day or night.

 Have a great day.

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