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4th Quarter 2018 Summary

Winter Garden Market Report

Welcome to the only place to become an expert of Winter Garden real estate in 15 minutes or less, thanks to the top-selling Winter Garden Realtor. Ron the Realtor is not only the #1 REMAX Realtor in the entire State of Florida, No one has sold more homes than RTR in 34787 in the entire Country over the last 10 years….here is the rankings for last decade derived directly from the ORRA MLS.


Average Sale Price


Average Days on Market


ave $/ft

Winter Garden 4th Qtr

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read the Ron the Realtor Winter Garden Real Estate 4th quarter Market Year in Review. As RTR has been doing for the last 15 years… he provides a quarterly report and a full blown end of the year in review report to anyone that wants to read it. No subscription, no registration of our email… anyone can read it, even competing Realtors…who does that? Ron has always believed, knowledge is power.

Another thing that RTR has done for well over a decade, Ron has DOMINATED the Winter Garden real estate market.  RTR outsold the closest actual Realtor (not a new home national builder) by over $25,000,000 !!! Closing 82 homes in total in 2018.

So take a few minutes and become the smartest person in any real estate conversation.

This is the only place on the entire internet to get this level of comprehensive analysis and data regarding the Winter Garden real estate market in one easy to read place. It is also the only place to obtain the always accurate Ron the Realtor future predictions.  Ron generates these data tables so shares them for the ones that love data and do not have access to the ORRA MLS. All information is derived from this data and it is deemed accurate.

Here are the 4th quarter of 2018 breakdowns

In true RTR form, the previous year is directly below for easy comparisons

4th Quarter 2018 Winter Garden

4th Quarter 2017 Winter Garden

It is always important when breaking down a market to go deeper than most, every quarter in a year has its own challenges or benefits. the 4th quarter is no different. It is the fiscal end of almost every builder in the country so, year end push for final numbers is a billion dollar business. Every year more and more new home construction is being listed on the MLS.  The 4th quarter also has several major holidays to deal with as well.

4th Quarter 2017 to 2018
Increase in Average sale Price
Increase in Median Sale Price
Increase in Days on Market
Increase in $/ft

As you can see from the graphics above… Winter Garden real estate, yet again, crushed the national averages in every important real estate category. The over 8% spike from 2017 to 2018 in average sale price was amazing, but the demand was so high that accurately priced homes in the zip code closed on average 8 days sooner than in 2017! That is a 17% improvement year to year.

Single-Family Homes 4th Quarter 2018 Winter Garden

As Ron the Realtor does with every aspect of his reports, he drills down even deeper… the above tables contain EVERY unit sold, including townhomes and single family. They are really 2 different markets in my opinion. Lets remove all townhomes and condo sales and deal only with single-family homes in Winter Garden in the 4th Qtr

4th Quarter 2018 Winter Garden

4th Quarter 2017 Winter Garden

6.3% increase $/ft

10.3% Increase In Average Sale Price

5.5% Average Day on Market Improvement


So all the data has been compiled and analyzed. The Winter Garden market has been a tear last 7 years, outperforming the other local markets and crushing the National Averages in every category. At some point, things have to slow down. Seems this may be that time… 1.8% jump median sale prices, 0% in average $/ft… from 3rd to 4th quarter of 2018. On the 12-month level Winter Garden is CRUSHING it with Double-Digit increases on average and median sale prices, as well as $/ft. The average sale price did spike from 3rd to 4th quarter a massive 4.5% but this is mainly due to all the new homes closing out for the end of the year. You always need to apply the REAL WORLD to the data world, so you do not get caught up in miscalculating the future projections.

Let’s keep in perspective that the median sale price for the entire ORLANDO METROPOLITAN AREA is currently $233,000 according to ORRA website. Winter Garden’s median sale price for the 4th qtr was $ 350,000! Typically the lower your numbers the higher the percentage of increase, since it does not take as much to raise a percentage point… Orlando jumped 3% year to year in median sale price… … WINTER GARDEN JUMPED 6.3% with 100k more of basis $.
As an avid reader of the RTR Ramblings, you know Winter Garden is one of the most unique real estate markets in the country, it is actually the tale of 3 cities in one and 2 major high school districts. The Historic Downtown revitalization area, the region around the 429 expressway spurred on by the 2002-2007 building boom and now Horizons West, with massive home construction that this area has never seen. All 3 areas bring their own flair to this amazing area and why Winter Garden is one of the greatest places to live in the Country.

Check out the Ron the Realtor year in review for further in-depth analysis and the always on point RTR 2019 market predictions

thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I spend a lot of time and effort on this project because I believe in it. I hope you get as much out of it as I do. Remember the top Realtor in the city of Winter Garden, Orlando, and the State is also one of the easiest to reach. 407 592 SOLD when it comes time to buy or sell, why would you ever use anyone else? Ron’s service, knowledge and results overcome any discount you could ever receive. No such thing as after hours.

Thank you for reading, you are now more in tune with the Winter Garden Market than most Professionals are.

God Bless our troops overseas and the families they leave behind. I for one will never forget your sacrifice and that FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE!

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